↠ I’m Erin…

LA native • professional creative • bohemian fae • rider of unicorns (true story) 

A full-time dreamer and creativepreneur, leading a charmed life of my own design in magical Topanga, CA (Southern California’s artsy enclave in a forest by the sea). I’ve transformed a beautiful live/work space on an 80 acre horse ranch into my fantastical Atelier, where I craft wild visions into wearable art (when not industriously pushing pixels or pulling vectors into corporate logo-marks & branded art. But that’s not nearly as magical).

I share my life in Bohemian paradise with a number of extraordinary beasts; among them, a Friesian stallion black unicorn🦄, Nicodaemus and rescue kitteh🐾, Mister Phryxus. He likes to wear a helmet.

After imagining and endeavoring in a number of directions, I finally have a proper web presence, wherein I detail my various pursuits in the third person–because it sounds spiffy and cool. As an extension / evolution of my personal style, also featured is a curious glimpse into my private life & experiences, through some of the fascinating new things sent my way for review. When you’re done poking around and feel either thoroughly lost, fully gratified or somewhere in-between, feel free to follow for my next adventure